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YOUR Go-To School Bus Company!

Safaari Transportation is a local bus transportation service company that provides you with a reliable, convenient and safe bus service to schools, and for other special trips, events and functions. Our passengers - your students and other groups, are our primary concern. We care for their safety and well-being while we transport them.  

Safaari Transportation started in 2015 and founded by the current CEO, Mr. Fuad Omar. Mr Omar, having an extensive experience working for charter schools, decided then to start his own business and concentrate on student transportation services. He saw the growing need of providing safe, quality and efficient school bus services for schools and a host of private organizations and entities. To date, Safari Transportation is one of the few quality transportation companies operating within the Twin Cities.

We work hard and collaborate with our clients (schools, families and private organizations) to assure our passengers are provided with the ultimate and quality service and promote an optimum riding experience.

We have both regular school buses and special needs vans always on standby and ready to be dispatched if needed.

Currently we have 20 regular school buses and special needs vans, and 5 other backup buses which currently service the charter and private schools in and around the Twin Cities, not to mention occasional private companies and organizations for their special bus services.

We are located in the heart of the Twin Cities, but we service as well its surrounding suburbs.

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