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What makes us a great transportation company?

Safaari Transportation has safe and reliable transportation services with the ability to provide enough school buses and vans needed for the type of service you need. Expect timely bus service, professional and courteous drivers, and a well-functioning and efficient support team to make your students' riding experience safe, efficient and reliable.


 We have the ability to adjust changes in schedule and rider requirements, including frequency and volume changes. We have integrated radio for communication and GPS tracking technology to help with our administration and your bus coordinators to know the exact location of our drivers and be able to communicate with them at any time.



Our drivers go through very strict drug and alcohol, and criminal back ground testing before they are hired. Regularly, our drivers also go through very intensive number of trainings related to safety, reliability, working with students, and customer service in general; keeping them updated and in-control of their jobs.

It's the details to our service that makes us a reliable, safe and great school bus company!

Our Reliable Service

Our buses, vans & drivers are the perfect match to your school and student transportation needs. We have on call drivers who are able to provide replacements for our regular route drivers. We adequately train our substitute drivers on all routes so that they are well-prepared when they replace specific drivers. We have three dispatchers who are also drivers that provide sufficient backup to our existing drivers and are able to help at any time.

The best, efficient  route possible 

Safaari Transportation has its own advanced bus routing software that allows us in calculating convenient bus schedule to fit the maximum number of students per bus per trip, and save you money!  When necessary, we will use our vans at a cheaper price instead of the bus for few students. Combining both buses and vans by using our routing software is one of the reasons why we are a cost effective company.

Our vehicles are safe, tested and up to standards.

Our vehicles meet and exceed the standards established by the laws and regulations of the State of Minnesota and the federal government. Our buses are maintained in accordance with the laws and accepted industry maintenance standards.

Technology Driven Service

We deploy the latest GPS tracking technology in each of our buses to track drivers in real time -  their exact location and time. This technology allows us to keep track of our drivers safe driving habits, and thereby ensure all our drivers' accountability. We also have radios installed in all of our buses for a direct and quick line of communication. Personal cellphones are prohibited in all our buses.

Qualified, Excellent Staff

We employ sufficient number of qualified drivers and support personnel to assure your school or organization, of our continuous and reliable services. We consistently conduct a proactive recruitment campaign to constantly stabilize our drivers' pool. We will provide qualified drivers, trained and licensed in accordance with the laws in Minnesota and the rules and regulations of the schools we service. We have a General Manager, Operation Manager, Safety Manager, Dispatcher, Technicians, and drivers to take care of your needs.

We accommodate your school bus service requirements PERFECTLY.

Type of bus service

Regular School Bus Service

For all your regular school bus needs, we provide regular school buses to ferry your students and other groups from their homes to their schools (and elsewhere) and back. 

We have 20 regular buses, with backups and are are regularly serviced and maintained.

They all have well-trained, courteous and polite drivers who are provided with all the communication and GPS-enabled devices that will make student transportation safe, reliable and efficient.

Special Needs Van Service

We understand that schools and other organizations have special needs students, who must be serviced differently so that going to school will be a safe, reliable and perfect experience for them.

For this type of special service, we have our special needs vans that will transport all your special needs students reliably, conveniently and properly.

Do you have a special bus transportation need - field trips, special events and company outings? Saafari can provide you the perfect BUS for the occasion! 

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